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We are doing everything we can to reach carbon neutral or carbon negative status fast.  

Renewable Energy

We have fitted solar panels to our office roof which now makes all our office electricity consumption carbon neutral. We only use renewable power suppliers.  We have installed heat pumps in our office to de-carbonise heating and cooling. 

Solar Panel Installation

We have six full Electric Vehicles in our fleet, have scrapped our last Diesel and will not buy any new diesel or petrol vehicles or tools. 

The internal Combustion Engine  belongs in a museum. 

Electric Car Battery Charging

We look to employ staff who live close to work and encourage cycling by providing covered locked storage and a  shower and lockers in the office.

Man Holding Bicycle
Carbon offsetting

We are setting up our own carbon offsetting fund and working with our sister company Ecological Estates fund and deliver offsetting projects including tree planting.  Our first tranche of offsetting funding was donated to the White Rose Forest but our latest tranche (2023) has bought Carbon Credits on Pennine Fringe land we did the ecology survey and assessment work for in the Forest of Trawden, Lancashire.

Heat Pumps

We have replaced gas as our main way of heating the office with air source heat pumps. 

Public transport

Our main office is located within 100 m of a train station.  This is no accident. We encourage all staff to use public transport to travel to work and while at work. 

Railway Tracks
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